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Provider Bridge facilitates mobilizing verified health care providers to health care entities and communities where they are needed most.


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From natural disasters to pandemics to national emergencies – we need real-time readiness to respond. 
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Connecting critical healthcare

We work tirelessly to cultivate our nation’s response to medical emergencies and natural disasters, before they occur and as they happen. 

When large-scale emergencies and natural disasters threaten our communities, hospitals and healthcare networks turn to Provider Bridge to find those who are verified and ready to step in and help. 

Provider Bridge is for doctors, PAs, and nurses wanting to use their skills to help our country at our moments of greatest need.

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Prepare for when, not if.

Provider Bridge - for verified clinicians willing to provide in-person care or telehealth services during emergencies and natural disasters.

Up-to-the-minute verification and critical emergency resources

Learn the latest about ongoing national, state, and local emergencies and natural disasters, and gain access to crucial tools that help deliver necessary care when and where it matters most.

With the help of Provider Bridge and its extensive database of clinicians, our nation will be well-prepared to respond to the next emergency or natural disaster with timely and life-saving care.

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Provider Bridge is powered by data and resources from organizations across the U.S. health care system. Provider Bridge is made possible through partnerships with the following organizations: